Office of the Auditor General Integrated Annual Report 2022 – 2023

31st May, 2023

The Office of the Auditor General is pleased to announce that its Integrated Annual Report on its operational activities for April 2021 to March 2023 was presented to the Legislative Assembly on 30 May 2023. 


The Office of the Auditor General performs external audit duties for the Government of Montserrat. In this regard, it assesses the performance of central government entities and some statutory agencies by looking into compliance with regulatory authorities and departmental policy directives; the stewardship over resources; and obtaining value for the monies expended. By reporting on the activities of government, as determined by their audits, they seek to promote accountability, transparency and good governance in public finance management.


The Office of the Auditor General’s aim is to be an audit service that provides better value to citizens. To that end, over the 2-year period, 42 audits were completed, 36 of these audit reports were tabled in the Legislative Assembly and a number of these reports were made available to the Public – 25 Financial Audits, 4 Information Technology Audits, 3 Performance Audits and 4 Compliance/Special Audits. 

It is being reported that the Audit Office made significant strides toward strengthening the accountability and transparency of public service delivery through capacity building and conducting more planned audits.  Despite some setbacks to include delayed responses from clients and key vacancies, the Audit Office strived to give value to the citizens and continued to operate with the resources available.

The Acting Auditor General, Ms Marsha Meade in her report publicly expressed her appreciation to public officers, for any assistance given to the audit staff during the performance of the various audit assignments.

Ms Meade extended her appreciation to the Government of Montserrat and other external agencies for their contributions toward the further expansion of knowledge and skills of the external auditors.  Finally, she applauds the staff at the Office of the Auditor General for their hard work, commitment and invaluable contribution over the reporting periods and beyond.