Montserrat Public Library – Alexandria Library Management Software

4th June, 2020

A Post-Implementation Benefits Study report of the Auditor General on the Alexandria Library Management Software was presented to the Legislative Assembly on May 19, 2020. 


This report assessed whether the benefits identified for investing in the Alexandria Library Management Software, were achieved and determine whether the Montserrat  Public Library (MPL) have any plans for future enhancement of the Alexandria Library Management Software.  

Key Finding & Recommendation

  • The MPL will shortly be utilising Cloud technology; however, the organisation is governed by the Central Library Act, which does not make provisions for future Information Technology initiatives that the MPL intends to implement; specifically jurisdictional issues.  
  • In the audit report, the Office of the Auditor General strongly recommends that the Government of Montserrat should establish and enact an Information Communications Technology Bill and Regulations to address the new ways of doing business using technology and any other data security issues that could potentially arise with the Cloud hosting option and intended future initiatives.

The report in its entirety can be found at the Montserrat Public Library or by visiting Publications or by requesting an electronic copy from the Office of the Auditor General