Reporting Concerns Guidance 2022

19th April, 2022

The Office of the Auditor General has developed a generic Reporting Concerns Guidance to ensure that persons who have concerns relating to the Government of Montserrat’s activities are able to disclose them with the confidence that they will be addressed.

The OAG will also consider concerns about public bodies which we audit as part of our on-going risk-based approach to the audit process. The main Principles of this Guidance are:
• We will provide individuals with a process for reporting their concerns
• Individuals who raise concerns in good faith will not be disadvantaged by the OAG
• The confidentiality of all persons reporting concerns will be protected by the OAG
• All disclosures will be addressed as appropriate
• Any evidently vexatious allegations will not be pursued.

The types of matters that should be reported to the OAG and further information on the process of reporting are provided below and within the Guidance. It might for instance include concerns about:
• Fraud and/or mismanagement of public funds
• corrupt or improper use of funds or resources
• negligence or mismanagement by someone in the Public Service or a related organisation in relation to the use of the GOM resources.

An individual who is concerned about a particular issue is encouraged to disclose that to the Reporting Concerns Unit within the Office of the Auditor General by visiting the OAG (appointments only) by emailing or by calling 664 491 3460.

A copy of the Guidance can be found on the Office of the Auditor General Publications or by requesting an electronic copy from the Office of the Auditor General.