IDI Masterclass, Turkey: Fostering Inclusive Leadership Across SAIs Worldwide

2nd October, 2023

Auditor General (ag) Miss Marsha Meade attended IDI Masterclass, Istanbul, Turkey

The Auditor General (ag) Miss Marsha Meade attended this masterclass from 19-21 September in Istanbul, Turkey. The Inclusive Leadership Masterclass, attended by 14 esteemed Supreme Audit Institutions (SAI) leaders hailing from Montserrat, St Lucia, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Yemen, Bhutan, Botswana, Kosovo, Zimbabwe, Albania, Lesotho, Türkiye, and the Gambia, was a dynamic forum that brought together SAIs from across the INTOSAI Community.

The SAI leaders gathered to explore the vital concept of inclusive leadership, share their diversity practices, and glean valuable insights from renowned international experts: Virginija Langbakk, a Freelance Consultant renowned for her expertise in EU management and leadership, gender equality, and organizational change; Zamira Grigiene, a visionary strategist known for nurturing talents and creating collaborative, safe learning spaces across international complex environments, and Leonard Matala-Tala, a distinguished law professor specializing in European and French Public Law at IAE Nancy School of Management and IRENEE, University of Lorraine.

Mr. Ola Hoem, Deputy Director General of IDI, opened the Masterclass, underlining that: “In today’s rapidly evolving world, where change is the only constant, organizations and leaders must recognize the tremendous value that diversity brings to the table. Inclusive leadership is not merely a buzzword or a trendy concept; it is a fundamental pillar that drives innovation, fosters collaboration, and creates a positive impact on individuals, teams, and entire communities.

Over the course of three enlightening days, the participants delved deep into the heart of inclusive leadership. They dissected what it truly means and why it is an indispensable facet of successful governance. Furthermore, they openly shared their current diversity and inclusiveness practices within their respective SAIs.