Montserrat Land Info Online Mapping Portal

22nd January 2020

A Post-Implementation Benefits Study Report on the Geographical Information Systems Centre’s Montserrat Land Info – Online Mapping Portal, was presented to the Legislative Assembly December 17th, 2019. Background                                                                              The purpose of this review include whether the MLI Online Mapping Portal: (i) met the original project objectives (ii) adhered to the requirements of the system development […]

Montserrat Customs Division’s Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA)

22nd January 2020

An Information Technology Audit Report on the Montserrat Customs Division’s Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA), was presented to the Legislative Assembly December 17th, 2019. Background The purpose of this review was to assess and determine whether the implementation and maintenance of ASYCUDA meets the Montserrat Customs Division’s (MCD) business goals and safeguards the Montserrat […]

Report of the Auditor General

21st December 2010

Audit of the Public Accounts of Monserrat, West Indies and Other Selected Activities. The audits of the public accounts of Montserrat for the fiscal years 2005, 2006 & 2007, 2008, and 2009 have been completed.   The Auditor General’s reports can be found under Publications..

Quality Assurance in the Office of the Auditor General

9th October 2009

The strengthening of SAI’s quality assurance systems for financial audits was identified as one of the priority needs during the IDI-CAROSAI Capacity Building Needs Assessment Survey carried out in 2008. Consequently, Miss Marsha V E Meade, Deputy Auditor General and Miss Roselyn J Allen, Audit Manager attended a Quality Assurance in Financial Audits Workshop in […]

Customer Service Improvements

18th March 2009

The Audit Process: How We Work With You and A-Z List of OAG Common Terms The OAG recently completed the above-captioned document which presents a comprehensive overview of how the OAG serves its customers. A list of the A-Z common terms used by the OAG is also included. The full document can be found on […]

Revised Audit Act

10th November 2008

We are pleased to announce that a layman’s draft of the revised Audit Act has been completed. Some of the new provisions will be included in the revised Constitution of Montserrat. We are currently awaiting acceptance of these provisions from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Government of Montserrat. We hope that these will […]

Audit Report on the Public Accounts of Montserrat

10th November 2008

The Annual Report on the 2004 Public Accounts of Montserrat can be found under publications or by clicking the link below: .

Public Awareness Initiatives Undertaken

10th November 2008

The OAG has embarked on a range of initiatives to improve public awareness of the work of the office. Initiatives include the publication of the first issue of the ‘Audit Bulletin’ (click here to view), which included information on the basic audit framework and details of staff members working at the OAG. We are particularly […]